The Crucifix

Each crucifix is created from 100% solid wood. Varieties include alder, walnut, cherry, maple, red oak, white oak, and some specialty woods such as mahogany and teak. Because the wood available for crucifixes is based on shop orders, please note that we cannot accommodate wood requests for crucifixes when placing an order. The labor, tools, and shipping costs are all covered by Woodworkers Cabinet of Naples, Inc.

The corpus is metal and hand-finished. Each corpus costs $10 each, and is paid for by donations to the Free Crucifix Ministry. Please consider making a donation today to help us continue this ministry!

Each crucifix takes about one week to create from start to finish.


Pieces of wood are hand-selected and matched and are cut to the same size in preparation for creating crucifixes.


A piece of wood is cut to size to create a crucifix.


Cut wood pieces sanded, finished, and laid to dry.


The corpus and sign are added to the crucifixes and prepared for shipping.


A beautiful crucifix on display in a home.