Crucifix Request

Parish Partnership Opportunity

We would love to send your parish a box of beautiful, handmade Crucifixes at no charge.   Simply, we want to partner with your parish to distribute Crucifixes.  We hear countless stories about how this gift can make a big difference in people’s lives.  Handing out a free Crucifix is a joyful and uplifting act of charity.  Let us be a part of your mission to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The most simple thing to do is to give a Crucifix to someone who does not have one in their home.  However, here are some ideas on how parishes have given them out to people.  Give them to newly married couples and new parish members.  Keep a few on hand for the pastor or staff to give to a parishioner or friend who is struggling.   Designate someone to bring a Crucifix every weekend to Mass to give away.   Of course, if you have other ideas, we would love to hear them.

Please go to the contact us page to make a formal request.  It is important to us that we make direct contact with a potential partner as we get so many requests from people not attached to a parish or ministry.  Make sure to include your name, your parish’s name, and your parish’s address as we want to send them directly to the parish.  Please make sure someone knows to accept them at the parish as we don’t want the shipment returned to us.

A Note about our former ordering process. 

Our automated program for individuals to order Crucifixes in 2019 worked a little too well.  We ended up with a backlog of 4,000 orders from all over the country!  We could not handle the volume and our costs exploded.  The biggest thing we realized was that our shipping costs did not vary much whether we sent a box of two or a box of 10.  Therefore we have decided to try to partner with parishes and send larger orders for them to distribute for us.