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I’m a volunteer for The Woodworker’s Cabinet, Inc. where they handcraft the crucifixes for Families For Christ. I have been handcrafting crucifixes for 3 years and feel fortunate that I have been part of this mission. I share the belief with Families For Christ and The Woodworker’s Cabinet, Inc. that a crucifix will be in every home. Woodworker’s Cabinet, Inc., gives 100% to make this mission possible. At the end of the day when working on the crucifixes, I have a very good feeling of being blessed to work on this project. I want to thank Gary & Daniel, from The Woodworker’s Cabinet, Inc., for allowing me the opportunity to help out with this wonderful work.

Thank You,

Gene Baum


"I have put my crucifix at the door to brighten the entrance of my home. It is beautiful and blesses everyone enters and live my house. I'm Italian and I send one to my father in Rome too. Everybody asks him where he found such a beautiful crucifix."


Mission:  “To display a crucifix at no charge in every Christian home” 

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